Why Cirac?

Why choosing Cirac as your merchandise transport?

For our VALUES

For our ability to respond to any assumption that may arise. Total availability.

We are an capable of responding to your requests, budgets, inquiries … in a short period of time.


For our commitment to deliver goods at the place and at the agreed time.

Due to our constant tracking of shipments and vehicles, on-line information. Access to online document management of any shipment or transport

Because of our ability to offer competitive quotations and times in all our services.

Capacity and experience at national and international level, constant training and continuous traffics to the same destinations.

For our reliability in the transport process. We guarantee transport and migrants  security protocols. Also, we have coverage with CMR insurance and an full damages insurance option

Because of our ability to offer efficient services with cost reduction and added value.

For our commitment to take care of the environment through all resources  in our hands: renewed trucks, management with the latest technology that allows us to control the levels of CO2 emitted by our vehicles in the atmosphere, daily habits …


Having our own offices and strategic partners throughout the international scene allows us to offer a complete national and international land transportation service throughout the Euro Zone. Our headquarters Aragon (Zaragoza) Offices Valencia and growing …


Aragón (Zaragoza)


Aragón (Zaragoza) Valencia (Saguntu) and growing...


En Reino Unido, Francia, España y Rumanía



 Cirac Logistics is an Organization committed to the search for excellence in the provision of our services. We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients and to the protection of the Environment. 

[Learn about our Integrated Management Policy]

Do you need to know more reasons to choose CIRAC LOGISTICS ?

 Ask us the reasons why you should hire us for transporting your merchandise. We will not require much time to demonstrate why Cirac Logistics is your best option.