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The BEST TRANSPORT to carry your goods by road

Road transport is one of the best solutions for moving goods.  At Cirac Logistics we offer you excellent service and efficiency in our national and international road transport services.

 There are many reasons to choose road freight transport, such as: agility and adaptability to the needs of loads and routes; the speed of short and medium distance transport; our door to door service …

At Cirac Logistics we have specialized in transport with MEGA trailers and road transportation long distances. All of our trucks belong to our own fleet, which, through relentless management, enables us to deliver the highest levels of efficiency to our customers.

In which GEOGRAPHICAL PLACES do we operate?


At Cirac Logística we offer national transport services by road in a full load regime in MEGA and small trucks.


We are specialists!
We also offer you full-load international road transport services throughout the entire Euro Zone. In addition, we also offer cargo management on all European cargo platforms.
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What are the TYPES OF CARGO we transport?

Within our road transport service , we offer you the possibility of moving different types of cargo depending on their classification. In addition, at Cirac Logística we know the differences in the care and handling necessary both in loading and unloading of goods depending on their nature.  


Why to choose CIRAC as a transport company for your goods?

For our ability to respond to any assumption that may arise. Total availability.

We are an capable of responding to your requests, budgets, inquiries … in a short period of time.


For our commitment to deliver goods at the place and at the agreed time.

Due to our constant tracking of shipments and vehicles, on-line information. Access to online document management of any shipment or transport

Because of our ability to offer competitive quotations and times in all our services.

Capacity and experience at national and international level, constant training and continuous traffics to the same destinations.

For our reliability in the transport process. We guarantee transport and migrants  security protocols. Also, we have coverage with CMR insurance and an full damages insurance option

Because of our ability to offer efficient services with cost reduction and added value.

For our commitment to take care of the environment through all resources  in our hands: renewed trucks, management with the latest technology that allows us to control the levels of CO2 emitted by our vehicles in the atmosphere, daily habits …

Land transport in full trailer, our main road freight transport service

As a road freight transport company, at Cirac Logistics we have specialized in full trucks loads:

Transport in full trucks loads (FTL)

We offer you the full truck load transport service, a  transport modality with great possibilities. In other words, the trucks are completed with the load of the same customer, so large quantities can be moved in a single trip. We are trained to transport goods of different kinds depending on their dimensions, thanks to our variety of trucks: MEGA

Types of road freight transport we offer

At Cirac Logistics we guarantee the correct handling of the goods so that the result of our service is excellent. These are some of the types of cargo we transport on our road expeditions:

Transportation of bulk cargo Bulk cargo

Bulk Cargo which is transported without the need for packing or packing .That is why the handling of solid bulk cargo must be done with special care for the best use of the merchandise. Some of the examples of this type of cargo are cereal grains, iron minerals, wood, cement …

Transportation of heavy cargo

For the transport of heavy cargo it is necessary to use special equipment such as the ones we have at Cirac Logistics. Our team is specialized in land transportation of heavy cargo, such as construction materials.

Dry cargo transportation

Dry cargo or general cargo is the main kind of merchandise that we work with in our road transport services. This type of merchandise refers to those that do not need special conditions for transport. Unlike bulk cargo, dry cargo is shipped packed or palletized. Taking this into account, we can divide this type of cargo into fractional dry cargo, when the goods are packed individually, such as bags or boxes; and in unitized, when the merchandise is grouped in containers or pallets.

Road transport company with our own fleet

 One of the main keys to success for Cirac Logistics is having our own fleet. We have our own fully equipped and updated vehicles with an average age of 3 years. Specifically, we are specialized in mega tauliner trailers. 


Currently, we have more than 40 MEGA, Euro VI and XL certified trucks that allow us all possible forms of cargo, specially prepared for international transport. All have studs, non-slip mats, corner pieces, and 20 straps per unit.