United Kingdom

Uited Kingdom

Road Freight transport to the United Kingdom

Road freight to / from the UNITED KINGDOM

 At Cirac Logistics we have specialized to offer you the best road transport solutions in full load truck to the United Kingdom.

Currently more than 70% of our transport routes are to the UK. We have all the essential requirements to be a specialized transportation company in this island nation. We load and unload goods anywhere in the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We specialize in routes to / from England and Ireland. Your best transport option to the United Kingdom is Cirac Logistics. What place do you need us to get to?

Transport to / from ENGLAND


We regularly do road freight services to England. We comply with all the necessary regulations and we have the infrastructures required for trips to this country.
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Transport to / from IRELAND


We are specialists in providing international transport services to Ireland in both directions in full load mode.
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Specialists in TRUCKING to the UK

How do we achieve the most efficient and competitive routes possible to / from the UK?


100% Euro VI trucks, registered in the ULEZ and LEZ zones. Also, equipped to comply with the DVS (Direct Vision System) regulations.


Follow-up of protocols of the English state immigration agency. We have the possibility of CMR insurance coverage and full damage option.


With specific training to transport goods to England.


Ins Spain and the United Kingdom. Customs security.

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