Human resources

Human resources

We work for your company

We are a young, dynamic and decisive team. Our job is to achieve the most efficient logistics possible for customers who trust us. How do achieve it? Based on a quality system and being able to propose effective solutions to all kinds of situations. The greatest commitment of Cirac Logística is the satisfaction of our CLIENT.

OUR TEAM, our greatest asset

Cirac Logistics team is the company’s greatest asset and our main competitive advantage. All the professionals who work for this company have something in common, THE COMMITMENT TO OUR CLIENTS.

Our drivers

Our internal staff

Safe routes thanks to our DRIVERS

Our drivers are highly trained and experienced professionals, especially on international routes. We know that the human factor is one of the key points to achieve punctual and smooth expeditions. For this reason, our drivers receive continuous training with which they are always up-to-date with the sector.

In this way, the high qualification of our drivers, added to the fact of having our own fleet with an average age of two 2 years, guarantees the reduction of incidents and breakdowns on the road.


Efficient freight transport, coordinated by our OFFICE STAFF

The role of our office staff is also essential. Thanks to their professionalism and knowledge of the sector, we are able to offer the most efficient road routes possible for your goods transportation. Having such a prepared team allows us to offer the best international service.

Our colleagues know the current regulations, they have the languages and the necessary resolution and management skills so that your merchandise arrives at the right place and at the right time.