Quality & CSR

We seek excellence in all our services

Comitted with our TRANSPORT SERVICES

We are aware that our future is determined by the satisfaction of our Clients and the protection of the Environment. Therefore, we are committed to the implementation and development of the Integrated Management System.

CIRAC LOGÍSTIC’s Management communicates the Integrated Management Policy to all the organization’s personnel, in order to make them aware of their individual obligations, and it is also kept available to interested parties. You also take ultimate responsibility for implementing, maintaining, and reviewing this document to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate for the organization.

The PRINCIPLES of our integrated Management policy


Advance towards continuous improvement by establishing and reviewing Quality and Environmental objectives.


Accept the commitment to comply with the legal and other requirements that it subscribes in terms of Quality and the Environment, acting with maximum transparency with all our stakeholders.


Principles of honesty and good business practices seeking a permanence in the market and lasting relationships with our clients.


Adaptation in a global economy that is constantly evolving, it is necessary to propose permanent changes in relations and technical procedures..


Trained and specialized staff. A human group that aims to work in harmony and harmonization in order to obtain full customer satisfaction.


Quality regulations. CIRAC LOGISTICA meets all the demands and requirements of the logistics and transport sector.

Corporate Social Responsability

The challenge of CIRAC LOGÍSTIC is the good performance of the road transport activity and of the business activity within the values ​​that corporate social responsibility entails.

Our clients, human team and suppliers are the basic pillars of CIRAC. We seek that our entire team is in a suitable environment and working conditions that allow them to perform their duties in the best possible work environment. Good commercial practices with clients and suppliers based on seriousness, permanence in the market and respect for established agreements are enshrined as our work philosophy.

At CIRAC we are very aware of the changes our planet is undergoing; be they environmental, social, economic and development and therefore we always try to have the most advanced elements and technologies that have less polluting impact on our environment. We believe that we are all responsible for these changes and their consequences for future generations.

That is why we have taken a series of measures to try to mitigate the impacts caused by our business activity. Some of the activities we carry out to minimize this impact are: